There are a number of outdated beliefs about storms and window safety that the Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) would like to set straight.  For instance, “Open the windows during a storm to relieve the pressure that could build up and cause more damage.”  If you’ve never heard this advice before, don’t pay any attention to it now.  If you or someone you know believes it, read on for the IBHS’s expert recommendations:


1.      Do NOT open windows during a storm.  This doesn’t relieve pressure – it just lets damaging wind and rain into your home.


2.      Tape does NOT protect your windows from flying debris.  It might keep more of the glass together when impacted, but will not keep it in place.


3.      Window film does NOT provide much protection from the impact of debris.  It does, however, hold glass shards together when the window breaks.  Also, some thicker “structural” film has passed the “small missile” test, which applies to things like gravel and similarly sized objects.